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Rodgers cheated while winning Pro Am


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Josh Allen was interviewed with Rodgers after the round and said to him  “if I were listed as a 10, I would’ve won too.”

Not an uncommon thing in these pro ams though… the most famous example was a few years back when the actor Andy Garcia smoked the field with a Fugazy handicap.

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18 minutes ago, JETS SB said:

Report from WFAN Craig Carton, while winning Pro-Am, Rodgers lied about handicap. He is a 2 HC but signed in as a 10 HC. 

Brady 2.0

Sign this man at all cost

12 minutes ago, PepPep said:

Trade for this BEAST. 

Jack Nicholson Yes GIF


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6 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:


But no one is watching her purely because they give a sh*t about her golf swing.

Not helping the case against Golf being a stupid f**king "sport".

She is NOT a player, she’s a personality who played golf, never at a championship level.

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