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Cimini: LaFleur and Rex Hogan pushed for Zach, said he was better than Lawrence


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3 minutes ago, playtowinthegame said:

You mean Sam Darnold right? Trade down in the 2021 NFL draft and run it back with Sam Darnold in the 4th/5th year of his rookie contract. 

Yea maybe Sam vs White was the move. Idk I really like Breece so I have a hard time redoing that and losing him haha 

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Regardless who pushed for Zach the reality is the Jets made there decision and are now stuck with him for at least another year. JD has assembled a talented roster and all we need at this time is an average QB (don’t want Rodgers since he might decide to retire after one season setting the organization back even further and is waaay to flaky)  and will be legitimate playoff / Super Bowl contenders. 

The only way I trade for Rodgers is if he waived his guaranteed money in the event he does retire but I sincerely doubt that is happening 

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33 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

3. Zach had become a disaster in practice. One player saying that he only completed three passes in practice before the Denver game.

This is especially hilarious in hindsight given what certain "insiders" were saying about Zach's progress around the time of that game. 

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27 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

Lots of inconsistencies with this story, though. LaFleur wanted him, but was also the guy pushing to bench him? And Douglas was powerless to 1. Not take a deal, 2. Trade Darnold two days after the Pro Day and 3. Not bring in a vet? Sounds like a lot of CYA over there

The only way Cimini gets a scoop out of 1 JD is if someone feeds it to him...

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43 minutes ago, freestater said:

of course the guy who isn't here anymore is to blame. Zero accountability at One Jets Drive. 


36 minutes ago, Warfish said:

My first thought as well, yet more scapegoating/blame shifting to the guy not here to defend himself.

TBQH if I was one of the Jets crappy mostly-miss scouts, I'd probably want to blameshift to someone else too for selecting the worst QB bust in NFL history (to-date).

Isn’t Rex Hogan there to take the blame in the extreme unlikelihood this is factual?  
While Hogan is charged with making personnel decisions, not MLF.

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1 hour ago, bla bla bla said:

This makes zero sense. We never had an option of taking Lawrence. In hindsight maybe you trade down and run it back with White for 2 years? Idk the right answer


Usually with hindsight, the correct answer is sitting there in plain sight. But with this situation, the correct answer is illusive. 

What if we knew then what we know now? What direction should we have taken? Trade out and run with Sam? Trade down and run with Fields, who's almost as bad as Zack? Trade for Wentz? Seems like whatever Joe did, we'd be sitting here with a 8-9 record, at best.

Maybe draft ZW and bring in a non-Flacco vet to run the ship for a season or 2? Would this have made us happy, sitting here right now?

Not sure...

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