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Daddy, tell me my favorite bedtime story…

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1 hour ago, Lith said:

Here ya go, @Green Ghost, courtesy of Open AI.

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of New York, there was a football team known as the Jets. They had a talented roster of players, a fierce defense, and a powerful running game. However, there was one thing missing from their quest for glory: a competent quarterback.

Year after year, the Jets struggled to find a signal-caller who could lead them to victory. They tried many options, but none seemed to have the skills and poise to guide the team to the promised land.

But then, one day, a young quarterback from a small college caught the eye of the Jets' scouts. He had a quick release, a strong arm, and an unshakable confidence. The Jets knew they had found their man.

With the new quarterback under center, the Jets took the field with renewed hope and determination. They worked hard and improved every day, and their hard work paid off as they steamrolled through the regular season with a record of 13-4.

In the playoffs, the Jets faced their toughest challenges yet. But with their new quarterback leading the way, they battled their way to the Super Bowl.

On the big day, the Jets took the field against the defending champions, and the game was a hard-fought battle. The Jets' defense was fierce, their running game was powerful, and their quarterback was confident and composed. With a clutch drive led by their quarterback and a game-winning touchdown, they secured a stunning victory and brought the Super Bowl trophy back to New York.

The city erupted in joy and celebration, as the Jets were crowned champions and became the talk of the football world. The young quarterback was hailed as a hero, and the Jets lived happily ever after, knowing that they were only a competent quarterback away from winning the Super Bowl. And so, the tale of the New York Jets became a true fairy tale ending, inspiring generations of fans to believe in the power of determination, hard work, and a little bit of magic.


“Super Bowl III was sooooo long ago though…”. said the little fella.

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48 minutes ago, Green Ghost said:

“Super Bowl III was sooooo long ago though…”. said the little fella.

Not to burst your bubble, but 1) The Packers were the defending champs, and 2) Joe Namath won the national championship with Alabama, so not exactly a small school

Speaking of young QB from small school...

Nervous Jets GIF by The Undroppables

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