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What are your favorite beer, spirits, or wine do you like to drink?

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I was a bourbon and IPA guy up in NY. Here, this is my go-to sipping tequila. There are two craft brewers in my town, often I like to start with one or two of their offerings then just chill with Modelo Negra. Still around $2 served to me in my lounge chair, lol. 

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Don't drink much but that hard stuff is definitely a pass for me. I tried a bunch of stuff but nothing hit for me. I need sugar or fruits in my drink. Pina Caladas, mojitos, margaritas, martinis etc.

Only think straight I’m cool with is Honey Jack Daniels. I also like wine and port wine.

Beer is usually a pass for me also.

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1 hour ago, Jets Things said:

I'm a craft beer/IPA snob. Tree House, Root & Branch, Other Half, Finback, Trillium, Equalibrium, Foam and others are superior brewers. 

Also a huge gin guy. 

Daughter is a sales rep for Finback but I can’t drink any craft beer at all as it gives me instant heartburn. 


2 hours ago, More Cowbell said:

My favorite spirit is Grey Goose. It's the smoothes vodka I ever tasted. 

Have to agree When I do drink (which isn’t very often anymore) Grey Goose Orange in a pint glass filled with ice and water. Delicious drink and keeps you hydrated as well 

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I actually don't drink much at all these days. Have pretty much given up on beer, other than the very occasional bottle of Leffe Brun or similar dark beer or a stout.

When I do drink, it's usually a nice Speyside single malt or a decent glass of red wine.

Jeez, I'm getting old.

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1 hour ago, mrcoops said:

One for the connoisseurs...

I grew up in Lanarkshire, where the stuff below was the local beverage of choice.  I think, during the 1990s/2000s, around 80% of global sales of this were in Lanarkshire.

It's lethal - high alcohol content, sickly sweet, and very cheap. Really tastes vile too, but that never stopped the radges.

Many a memory of dodging gangs of knuckle-dragging inbreds high as kites on this stuff.



Wow - high alcohol AND caffeine content in a teenage body - a recipe for mayhem, indeed.

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