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Lawmaker proposes plant to move Jets to queens.


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6 hours ago, Sperm Edwards said:

"Bring the Jets home. Make that NY on the side of the helmet really mean New York."

Has he seen a Jets helmet since the 2018 season ended? Either that or he thinks the Jets' helmets are blue.

I have a ton of leftover shirts from 2005 he can buy real cheap if he wants them.

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2 minutes ago, JetPotato said:

I don't know why trading one sh*thole for another is considered an upgrade. Is there a single place in the entire state of NY that is worse than Queens?

The Bronx. Yonkers. Most of Brooklyn. 

And all of them better than Buffalo.

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NYCFC, I’m sure, wants to keep the stadium capacity around 25K.   Most MLS clubs can draw around 20K for their matches which creates a strong atmosphere.

Only Atlanta and Seattle can play in NFL stadiums and draw enough people so the stadium doesn’t feel empty.

80K seats for NYCFC totally defeats the purpose of building a new facility.

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