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Nania: Hackett's route types vs NFL average


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"Loves" flats and gos ... so uses them about 31% of the time.

"Hates" hitches and outs ... so uses them about 23% of the time.

"Likes" RB screens ... so uses them about 4% of the time.

The words and the numbers don't quite match up in my mind. :-) 

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19 minutes ago, undertow said:

This is largely a product of the QBs style but I still wasted two days in my basement putting this useless information together - Michael Nania

First off, Nania is a really good analyst of all things jets so i dont get the hate towards him.

That being said, I agree that the article is largely dependent on outside factors but it still brings up a really interesting point as far as how many coaches "implement their system."   Aside from terminology and a general theme (zone running vs power running) I dont get why these coaches dont just use plays that work best for the players they have.

A guy like Hackett has worked with Jon Gruden, Doug Marrone and most importantly Matt LaFleur who worked under both Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay - so I would imagine he has literally 500-1000 different plays to pick from that he has worked on/with throughout his career.  Why not look at what routes Elijiah Moore, GW, Conklin, CJ etc do best on and then once we have a QB in place, spend the off-season working through his library of plays to find the ones that suit the QB and WRs strengths?  It seems much easier to have the coach "learn" 100+ new plays then to force the players into something that might not suit them or even replace players who dont fit "what you want to do".   Then take those plays and attack a weakness of the defense you are playing against?

Seems like a better way to coach

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