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Aaron Rodgers will be on some Podcast Wednesday 3.1.23.

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5 minutes ago, Mogglez said:

I have zero ties to Aaron, his camp, his shaman, anyone.  I have no idea what this could possibly mean.  Haven’t hit up Ben in a minute, but I’m contemplating doing a pack of Ambien before blowing up his inbox to find out whether or not I should swallow another box and put myself into a coma.



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32 minutes ago, CanadienJetsFan said:

He’s got 60 million plus more reasons not to retire.

Plus, I can’t see him and Brady going in the HOF in the same year.

These 2 things are really the main reason I think he plays. I just don't know if we wait if he wants to actually play in GB

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I’ve changed my mind like 10 times.

I’d be happy with Carr.

But I also don’t want Rodgers to end up in Miami.

Lamar isn’t realistic, even though that would be the most exciting move.

Hard Knocks documenting the camp “competition” between LJ and ZW would be something.

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