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Happy birthday, Dark Side of the Moon.

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I saw it live at Jersey City's Roosevelt Stadium I was 17 years old and had either just graduated High School or was about to any day then. It was June 18th 1973 and I was playing stickball at Washington School when a friend of my mother drove up and asked me if I wanted to go see Pink Floyd tonight, why yes I do. The one thing I'll never forget, well ONE of the things anyway, was the stoned out of his gourd long-haired shirtless hippie freak climbing up onto the light tower that extended a good 50 feet above the stadium's roof and he was up there doing a Grateful Dead type hands swaying back and forth over his head trippy dance until one scared to death JCPD cop sheepishly scaled the ladder and was up there begging the guy to please come down. I'm sitting there on the infield absolutely positive that this guy was going to die in front of 40,000 of us. He didn't he finally heard the officer's pleas and calmly descended the ladder to the roof where he was met by handcuffs. 

It was a tremendous show and I asked the girl whose mother drove us to stop at a fruit stand where I purchase 2 Lbs of cherries and ate The whole bag which gave me the worst case and you want to talk about having to use the most disgusting toilet with piss and feces floating along the floor oh God. But my bowels calmed down and I got to see a great show right up until the big rocket ship at the end went down on a cable from the roof to behind the stage during Eclipse 


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