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Pease Tell Me This Is The Week We Get An Answer...

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We are already going into the 2nd week of March...

And we are still going back and forth like a tennis ball..

Rodgers, Carr...

Carr, Rodgers...

Jimmy G, Tannehill...

This guy, that guy...

The first domino has to fall some time this week. right?...

This waiting on a QB is painful...


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2 minutes ago, Zachtomims47 said:

Don’t we have to wait till Free Agency starts? 

Carr was cut, so he can sign at anytime.  We can have a trade agreed to with the Packers, but it would not become official until the start of the league year. 

I woud guess things will start to fall in place this week.  Teams are going to want to know status of Carr and Rodgers before FA starts.

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8 minutes ago, ChrebetOverKeyshawn said:

The more I ponder it, the more I’m starting to believe Carr isn’t signed because the Rodgers deal is all but assured behind closed doors between NYJ and GB. What’s holding it from being official is the tricky part.

Saleh loves and respect Duane brown and based on Connor’s old tweet the QB decision will decide if brown returns or not, 

It was reported today carr is expected to meet with 2 more teams, Rodgers is currently in New York, Saleh missed the combine..

maybe it’s all a coincidence or maybe Rodgers is a jet 

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We’re virtually guaranteed to have an answer within the next 3-4 days.

If Rodgers is coming here, then the Jets/Packers are going to want all of their ducks in a row at least a week before free agency opens up.

I’m sure Rodgers is aware of Carr waiting on an answer as well.

Rodgers is going to be a Jet. Every single sign imaginable points to it.

We’re his best shot at another ring.

We’re the team that not only offers familiarity, but a personal friend of Rodgers who will essentially let him dictate the offense.

I’m not buying that Rodgers wants to spend the last year or two of his career learning a new offense under a noted dickbag like McDaniels just because they have Davante Adams.

Hell, if the Jets are going to bring in Rodgers, they’re going to be going all in on winning a Super Bowl over the next year or two. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try pulling off a trade for a dude like Adams or Tee Higgins afterwards.

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Rodgers will make a decision on whether he wants to keep playing sometime around Labor Day.

Then he’ll talk to the Packers.

Then after the trade deadline the Packers will call the Jets to discuss a trade.

Rodgers will take another winter darkness retreat a year from now to decide whether he’s willing to play for the Jets.

Sets up perfectly for Rodgers to become the Jets QB in 2024.

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