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Carr leaning towards Jets

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4 minutes ago, Sammybighead said:

Can't wait till all these carr haters are forced to root for him. 

Everyone hating on carr under 50 years old has never seen a qb as good as him outside of a year or two with chad.

Idc about that terrible argument.

using our terrible QB history vs a career JAG, accepting that and using that to justify Carr

Bush league nonsense 

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In order of stupidity from worst to less worse

Lamar>> Rodgers>>Roll with Zach> Carr>Mid tier guy and draft pick

Lamar is a complete franchise killer...Rodgers makes no sense on almost any level...You have to go with a different option than Zach this year.

Carr does not cost draft picks and we can structure the contract as needed. Best option IMO if we like a QB in the draft is find a way to draft that guy and bring in a Winston/Minshew level player.

Reason we are tied to Lamar and Rodgers is we are the only franchise dumb enough to consider these moves.



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23 minutes ago, Untouchable said:

I’m more than fine with Carr but it’s not happening.

Rodgers is going to be a Jet.

Anyone who thinks he’s retiring and leaving $60+ million on the table should be wearing a propeller hat.

When Adam Schefter, THE football insider of the last 20 years tells you that it’s retirement or the Jets, then I don’t know what else you want.

He’ll be a Jet by Wednesday and Carr will sign with the Saints the following day.

Any GM that trades for a possible one year rental for $60 million should be wearing a propeller hat, and trade anything for it....should be pulled apart by horses for being so stupid.

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