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Any chance we trade for Davante Adams?

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If we land Rodgers what are the odds we can go get Adams? Imagine how good this offense will be if we plug him in with Rodgers? Not sure how it’ll all work with the cap and everything but it might be a possibility. Dolphins fans already nervous lol.



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If the Jets are truly getting AR12 and going all in, nobody is off limits and the Jets can get anybody. All cap hits can be pushed out to after the 'Rodgers window'... it won't be pretty for that year or two, BUT if it results in a championship who gives a sh*t

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42 minutes ago, Rhg1084 said:

I dunno aren’t they rebuilding? Who’s their QB?

They have been rebuilding since 1990 lol. Rumored to be interested in jimmy G, and rumored to select qb with 7th pick. I’d imagine if they just go with a rookie qb, they can afford the cap of Davis.

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Lots of possibilities. But I wouldn’t. I would retain a good number of our players and bring in Lazard and Cobbs at WR after trading/cutting Davis and Berrios. Then use our financial resources on the interior DL, the OL and Safety. Jordan Poyer would elevate this defense. Use pick 13 on a LT.

Our defense from last year plus Poyer is an elite defense. Rodgers plus a solid OL and our offensive weapons is close to elite as well.

Still not better than KC but I’d say we’d be the 3rd best team in the AFC behind Cincy and KC with a fighting chance to beat those teams.

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