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Stafford hits the trade market

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2 minutes ago, JiF4Lamar said:

Great news!  While the Jets are being held hostage by a player deciding if he actually cares enough to play Football anymore, they have another option for a guy who's not quite sure he cares enough to play Football anymore! 


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Just now, KRL said:

Hard to believe this is true.  Why would McVay come back if they're going to leave him with no QB?

I think the Rams know that Stafford is physically shot and even if he can play decent for another year or two it won't be championship level.

I think McVay is looking at this team as a rebuild and probably wants to look to draft someone young in the next draft + rebuild the rest of the roster.

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Kelly ain't moving to NJ, but for what the Jets need I would put him at option 2 after Rodgers.  Draft one now too.  

This makes no sense for the Rams.  They would pay an enormous cap hit for his bonus, so the Rams would be expecting a high draft pick.....  The team that trades for him would be stuck with his $31mm 2024  salary next week.  From OTC:

Matt Stafford signed a four year extension worth $160 million with the Rams on March 19, 2022. Per PFT the contract contains $120 million in guarantees of which $63 million is guaranteed at signing. Stafford receives a $60 million signing bonus and his 2022 and 2023 base salaries are guaranteed. If Stafford is on the roster on the 3rd day of the 2023 league year his 2023 option bonus and 2024 base salary will be fully guaranteed. There are 3rd day of the league year roster bonuses in both 2025 and 2026.

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