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My Hunch/ Rodgers Is Coming Here...

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10 minutes ago, southparkcpa said:

Thats very scientific and well thought out.  

Did you say the same thing in @kevinc855 thread why Rodgers ISN’T coming?

Rodgers didn’t get the proper send off if he’s retiring. Brady got his halftime Rolex watches and ceremony 3x

Rodgers will play at least 1 more year so he can get the proper send off at stadiums around the country. Similar to Coach K.

I am certain he is pissed about the way he’s been treated in the press and by the Packers organization….. deservedly or not.

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From above:

“The longer this goes the more you think Rodgers will decline and retire”

“This has now dragged out too long for him to not have let someone know that he wasn't coming...   Prepare yourself for a celebration...”

Rodgers marches to the beat of his own drum.   No way to know what his decision will be.


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