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[OT] Calvin Ridley: "A Letter to the Game"


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On 3/12/2023 at 11:44 AM, Scott Dierking said:

He buried the lead entirely. Did he win the parlay?

Seriously, it takes courage to do something like this. When an athlete comes clean, and raw, it is an enlightening moment. Pete Rose was never able to do this in a contrite manner.

This was my take.

Is he deserving of the utmost praise for it? Of course not; the 99.9% of players who don't engage in betting on their teams' games just behaved themselves outright and don't get such soul-cleansing opportunity for praise.

Good for him all the same, if he stays out of trouble. Time will tell on that one, but it at least reads like someone who'd never make that mistake again.

Also as @RutgersJetFan brought up, if it helps one person not make that same mistake isn't that alone mission accomplished? Never mind it can be therapeutic for him alone. Most like to talk privately to someone or just keep it bottled up; some like this (especially in the social media era). Whatever works for him, what's it to me?

Anyway he doesn't seem like a bad seed; more like he got caught doing something stupid while he was young. Lucky for me I didn't get caught, and paper trails were more than a bit harder to establish when I was his age lol.

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