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Jets Unsung Hero ???

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2 hours ago, THE BARON said:

Walker and Toon at the top for sure, but I would still include Maynard as arguably the best given his stats and performance in big spots.  I would also include Keyshawn as one of their top five all time Jets pass catchers.  And GW is on the right trak to joining them.  Rodgers will take full advantage of his skills. 

Maynard has the highest yardage per catch for any receiver who had 600 catches

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David Harris is apparently the answer because no one mentioned him yet.

And FTR, Pat Leahy cost the Jets more games than any kicker in our history. Really good guy who was decent once the team moved out of Shea, but he was not any good most of his very long career. I have no idea how he was not cut after missing 5 PATs in a season.

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On 3/17/2023 at 8:59 PM, THE BARON said:

Taking a quick break from the Rodgers saga.

There have been plenty of threads with the "best of" rankings.  I was contemplating the unsung heroes that the Jets have had.  Players that were around for a while, were solid all the time, were never drama queens but didn't get much fanfare.  Who is the Jets unsung hero ???

Here are a few that I can think of at the moment.

1. Brandon Moore

3. Kyle Clifton

4. Dan Alexander

5. Randy Rassmusen

6. Pat Lahey

7. Marion Barber (special teams ace from the 80's)

8. Richie Anderson

9. Shaun Ellis

10. Jerome Barkum

11. Joe Fields

Others ??? 



Nice list. Maybe Johnny hector, victor green, Dave Jennings, Marvin jones. There are a host of other players that didn’t get the attention they deserved. But the real issue is the jets have only been able to put so few players in their own ring of honor.

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