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NFL owners' puppet about to get an extension


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2 minutes ago, Bronx said:

Rep owners wishes by making the game almost unwatchable with inept referees while over-protecting QBs. 

Many of the calls are brutal every year, but tbh this has been the case since forever.

More of them are noticed now because we don't get nothing but local games + MNF anymore.

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1 hour ago, Warfish said:

Good for him. Comish reps the Owners, not sure what the issue is.

The owners should be expected to hire someone who represents their collective non-interests.


24 minutes ago, Xtina said:

Most overpaid person in history 

Seems so on the surface, but the league has never secured such lucrative contracts. The upcoming TV deal is like $11BN per season.

As much as he's paid, and as crazy as that number seems (what is it now, like $50MM/year?) the truth is he's a bargain if his replacement would've merely negotiated a $10BN per season for them.

Now imagine if someone else would've instead only secured $8.5BN/year in this latest TV deal, but only got paid a salary of $500K (1% of Goodell's compensation) to get it. That would be the most overpaid person in history. ;) 

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1 hour ago, Bronx said:


You realize he works only for the owners right? He is basically the owners Rep for the league. So of course he is their 'puppet'... because they are collectively his boss.

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I'm sure he's insulted by the puppet comment.

Im also sure, deep down, he would much rather go against the wishes of the guys who hired him, get fired within a year, forgo hundreds of millions in pay and see his successor (aka next puppet) cash in so he can satisfy you.

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