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Calais Campbell visiting with Jets

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Zeke, OBJ, Rodgers, Campbell etc.

Joe D has completely changed his philosophy.  Has seems to have bagged building a long term consistent winner.

Jet fans rejoice.  You are going to get your 11 win season, knocked out early in playoffs and then it crumbles and we will suck for the next 10 years again.

Stay the course Joe!  You are blowing it!!!!!!!!

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If Zach had developed into a competent QB, the plan to build a consistent winner  would have turned out perfectly.  The Jets would have made the playoffs last year, and by staying the course plus adding some complimentary pieces this offseason, they would have been championship contenders this year without the need to make big splash moves for older players.
Because Zach is not ready to succeed as a starting QB (if he ever will be), however, JD has been forced to deviate from the original plan.  The rebuild has worked well enough to make the Jets contenders everywhere else on the team except the most important position - and procuring a young QB who’s ready to lead a winning team immediately is near-impossible to do.  So, he needed to devote significant resources to get a veteran QB who’s championship caliber.  Believe it or not, of all the possible options, Rodgers is the best combination of high ceiling and smallest long-term impact on draft and salary cap resources.  Options like Carr, Garappolo, Tannehill, Minshew, etc. would have topped out at the 11-win season potential you mocked and Lamar Jackson would have required a massive and risky long-term investment.
The Rodgers move makes the Jets a win-now team, and that means filling in some holes with other older players in order to make a championship run.  I believe that JD will try to do this in a way that doesn’t cripple our future like the Rams and Bucs did recently.  Rodgers is likely to be the only one who will cost the Jets draft picks, and if players like Campbell and OBJ can be signed to short-term deals that don’t break the bank, the long-term success plan won’t be blown up completely.
The Jets still have a core of talented young players.  Best case scenario: championship run this and/or next season, continue to draft well while giving up only Day 2 picks for Rodgers, clear out the older players no later than 2025, and get back on the long-term success plan with Zach or another young QB we draft in the near future.
Zach is still the main development project until he's off the team

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8 hours ago, carlito1171 said:

Love it! 

Great interior lineman, great veteran lockerroom presence....at his age contributing in a DL rotation is perfect for him...

Still had 5 sacks last year.....

Get it done JD! 

Probably last season or two as a Pro.

Atlanta & Carolina are rebuilding & questionable Def

Buffalo is in win now position, but c’mon… who wants to live in Buffalo?

Jets with Rodgers and a top 5 defense, playing beside Q, Sauce & Mosley and having recently signed Chuck Clark & Trysten Colon may offer some familiarity. Saleh is also pretty well thought of by players.

He would be great in the locker room and as an example to Q


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