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JetNation 2023 Mock Draft - Selections


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Welcome to the 2023 JetNation Mock Draft.  Please use this thread for your draft Selections.  Use Discussion thread for most everything else.  Please read JN Mock Draft rules posted in both threads.  Clock begins on Wednesday, March 29, at 9 AM EDT.

Track everything draft related (available players, upcoming picks, trades, etc.) in the JN Mock Draft spreadsheet:


You will be able to view, but without editing privileges.  Contact one of the administrators if corrections are needed: @Lith @NYJetsVets91 @New York Mick @Dcat.


  1. Duration: The objective is to complete a full 7-round mock. It takes between 2 and 3 weeks to complete. All GMs have committed to this time frame. 
  2. Trading: Trades are permitted, but only 2023 picks. Trading future picks or active players is not permitted.  For example, GM's are not permitted to trade for DeAndre Hopkins as part of a transaction.  Submit completed trades to the admins so we can update the spreadsheet.  Trades should be reasonably close to the chart values, give or take 10-15%, but you are by no means bound to it.  Any GM managing more than one team is not permitted to trade between those teams.  
  3. Draft Clock: For Rounds 1-3, there will be a 3-hour window to make your pick or complete a trade.  The clock will run between 9:00 am and 11:59 pm EDT. The clock pauses at midnight and resumes at 9:00 without a reset. For example, if you go on the clock at 11 pm, the clock will pause at midnight and resume at 9 am so your pick is due at 11 am.  At the administrators' discretion, rounds 4 - 7 will likely be reduced to a 2-hour window.   
  4. Messaging: All GMs commit to checking their JN message inbox.  Please activate your notifications in your JN settings and clear enough messages so your inbox is not full. 
  5. Notifying next 2 GMs up:  This is mandatory.  All GMs commit to tagging and sending a direct message to the next two GM's OTC and on-deck.  
  6. Missed Picks:  Just don't.  If you miss a pick, you will be banished to Cleveland.  But if you know that you will not be able to make your pick in your window.... PLEASE send the admins a prioritized list of players so we can make the pick for you. Include enough players to cover the number of teams picking before you. If you fail to do so, any admin can make the pick for your team and it will be final if other teams have already picked afterwards.  Two missed picks warrants GM replacement at the discretion of the admins. 

2023 GM List:

AFC East
Bills - @New York Mick
Dolphins - @SAM SAM HE'S OUR MAN
Patriots - @JTJet
Jets - @32EBoozer

AFC North
Bengals - @OilfieldJet
Ravens - @JiF
Steelers - @WhartonJet
Browns - @IndianaJet

AFC South
Jaguars - @choon328
Titans - @Neilos
Colts - @Integrity28
Texans - @Beerfish

AFC West
Chiefs - @Zerovoltz
Chargers - @Ron Rico
Raiders - @King P
Broncos - @PepPep

NFC East
Eagles - @Sarge4Tide
Cowboys - @heymangold
Giants - @Greenseed4
Commanders - @HawkeyeJet

NFC North
Vikings - @UntouchableCrew
Lions - @Dcat
Packers - @Lith
Bears - @Paradis

NFC South
Buccaneers - @Matt39
Panthers - @maury77
Saints - @BroadwayBen
Falcons - @section314

NFC West
49ers - @nj meadowlands
Seahawks - @NYJetsVets91
Rams - @#27TheDominator
Cardinals - @Maynard13


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With the 24th pick in the 2023 NFL draft the Jacksonville Jaguars select:

John Michael Schmitz, Center, University of Minnesota



Schmitz is a highly consistent zone-scheme center with decent size. He is well-schooled in all phases of the run game. He consistently uses the proper footwork and angles to find early positioning and has the tenacity to finish blocks at a high rate. He has plus football intelligence and makes the calls for his offense. His drive power is average and he can be hit-or-miss getting to second-level targets. Schmitz lacks length and his edges will get a little leaky in pass protection from time to time, but his overall technique and teamwork in the run game should create a plug-and-play opportunity in the pros.m


-Makes all the calls up front.
-Lateral quickness for reach blocks in outside zone.
-Patient to find lateral positioning before engaging the block.
-Captures defender’s edge with firm outside hand.
-Plays with outstanding teamwork inside his scheme.
-Consistent as a block finisher.
-Maintains proper balance to pass and receive twists.
-Able to unlock hips and ankles to drop a sudden anchor.


@Greenseed4 is OTC @ 9am

@heymangold is on deck

minnesota-iol-john-michael-schmitz (1).jpg

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