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JetNation 2023 Mock Draft - Selections

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The Chiefs select Khalef Hailassie, CB, Western Kentucky 

Fits the mold KC likes at CB.  Big, tall, fast, can press.  Transfer from Oregon.  Listed WAY to low on the spreadsheet rankings here.  

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At #183 the Detroit Lions select Jeremiah Martin, DE, Washington

Martin will be a valuable add as rotational DE and occasional inside pass rush, which he is good at.  A nice addition to the Aidan Hutchinson and Charles harris and Okwaras.  And of course Bresee drafted earlier. Lions DL will dominate.



@choon328 after

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Reminiscing of days of old with his two TE sets and having the criminal/doofus duo, Bill Belicheck sits in his chair and calls up Nicky Saban for some inside info..


With the 184th pick in the 2023 JN Mock Draft... 

The New England Cheatriots select...

Cameron Latu, TE, Alabama


@choon328 is OTC

@Neilos is On Deck

@JTJet is right back up. 

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With the 185th pick in the 2023 NFL Draft the Jacksonville Jaguars select:


TE Josh Whyle, University of Cincinnati



Varies the speed of his route, using hesitation and shoulder fakes to get the defender guessing.

He’s lanky and long-armed, but Whyle has the broad-shouldered frame to carry more weight. Whyle was a national high-jump champion in high school, and that athleticism translates to the passing game.

Made Bruce Feldman's Freak's List - ranked #78. He wrote, "He moves extremely well for a big man, clocking a 4.65 40 to go with a 35 1/2-inch vertical jump and a broad jump of 10-3 1/2. He has also topped 20 mph on the GPS and done 16 reps of 225."

A coordinated athlete and tough player to tackle, running with low pad level. Has good body thickness and strength.

Thriving on physicality, he’s a contested-catch specialist with a knack for warding off defenders while the ball is in the air. He has strong hands and the ability to wrestle the ball away from defenders.

Whyle transitions quickly from receiver to runner, and he has enough speed to threaten the seam.


@Neilos is OTC

@JTJet is on deck

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With the 186th pick the Tennessee Titans select: -

TJ Bass - Oregon 


Further boosting the O line is a necessity. TJ Bass has played guard and tackle and adds depth which is all you can ask this late in the draft.



@Ron Rico on deck

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Bill Belicheck's eyes light up at his good fortune. He Jumps on the phone with an NFC team and trades away Mac Jones for a 2025 7th rounder and a new hoodie. 

"I cant believe I panicked at the thought of the Jets drafting Zach Wilson, and drafted this Jones turd as well, dammit, let's correct that mistake" 


With the 187th pick in the 2023 JN Mock Draft, the Bill Belichecks select...

Clayton Tune, QB, Houston


@Ron Rico is OTC

@#27TheDominator is On Deck


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Wanting to compete with the greatest Saucy CB in the NFL being in his division, Billy Bellichecko gets worried and double dips at WR, wanting to draft a huge man...


With the 184th pick in the 2023 JN Mock draft the Robert Krafty Cheesy Patriots select...

Jake Bobo, WR, UCLA


@HawkeyeJet is OTC

@Paradis is On Deck

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With today's trade of Okudah, the Lions will add some depth to the DB room. With pick 201, the Lions draft Jakorian Bennett CB, Maryland.

Bennett is a spark plug, Ray Mickens type DB, only 3-4" taller, but can play anywhere needed at DB and will be effective in nickel/dime packages and any corner rotations.  A good nose for the ball, able tackler, and leader in the clubhouse.  


@choon328 Jags OTC

@Beerfish Texans on deck

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@choon328 asked me to pick for him -- as long as it is defensive player.  Given that he has already selected a DB and a LB, I decided to go Defensive Line.  Jaguars select DE Tyler Lacy, Oklahoma State.  Lacy had a strong Sr Bowl week and is projected in R5/R6 on Athletic and NFL.com

Tyler Lacy Accepts Invite To Play in 2023 Reese's Senior Bowl | Pokes Report

I am on the clock after trading with @Beerfish  Will post my pick shortly.


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