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Zach Wilson is #2


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23 minutes ago, Copernicus said:

Strange that this was said before the trade is complete. Like out of order. I find much of this off season perplexing 

These young people are into manifesting things into reality ?

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4 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

His actual comments were a lot less effusive. Cimini asks him is Zach is the #2 and Saleh says “As of now, for sure…we still feel like Zach is going to be a good player in this league blah blah blah”

This makes much more sense

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53 minutes ago, nycdan said:

I like Saleh, but that sounds like a question he should have not answered at all.

He remains terrible behind a microphone.  IMO comes off as insecure trying way too hard to be liked.  He'd be much better off acting like Belichick and just saying FU to every reporter's question...

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And? How is this even a story or issue? Still lots of time before the draft and training camp. And training camp is where the determination should be made, especially if there are young QBs vying for the job. Rodgers will be automatically slotted to be stater. Zach would have to put up some extremely positive training camp numbers to change this.  And if the jets do draft a qb or bring in another guy then it’s possible that Zach drops to number 3.

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13 minutes ago, JoeNamathsFurCoat said:

“He’s gonna be a fixture here for a long time.”

How exactly?

Whenever I think about Ryan Leaf, I think of the Chargers.  Maybe he means that?

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