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JD Speaks a little bit to media today

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3 hours ago, Beerfish said:

I've suggested all along that a deal will get done, the packers will get less than they want we will pay more than we want. 

That’s called negotiations.  What’s the problem here, then?  “Less than the Packers want” means pick 13 will be safe.  Are you taking issue with the hypothetical end result of giving up, say, a 2 and a 4?  

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7 hours ago, doitny said:i was against this trade but now i have no choice but to be all in on Rodgers cause there is no way we can walk away from this offseason with Zach or Wentz starting after all the other options we let go.

under NFLPA rules only a approved agent AND the player can talk to other teams. so it would help Lamar to have one it wont stop someone who wants to talk to him.

you got me all wrong pal, i want to get this done. funny thing is there was a poll that 103 guys on this board would rather keep the 13th pick and dump Rodgers. that is a stupid take. so people here rather have Zach/Wentz and the 13th pick instead of Rodgers and no 13th pick. smh.

tell me, when does Rodgers start to get pissed that this deal isnt done?

April 17? voluntary workouts?

OTAs May 22-23, May 25, May 30-31, June 2, June 5-6, June 8-9

June 13-15? Mandatory Mini Camp 

and who will he blame? GB? and who cares if he does they dont want him. no it will be us. 

sooner or later Rodgers will start to put pressure on us. and he is crazy enough to turn around and say...well if im going to miss OTAs i might as well retire. dont laugh, we all know Rodgers is sensitive and unpredictable. 

while we still have options, weather there good or not, there better then Zach starting. who btw Saleh just said he is #2. 


I admit not seeing the poll, but it’s hard to read into the results based upon a false binary.

Further, I take for granted that members of the largest Jets fan forum don’t want to give ammo to the Packers by suggesting the Jets’ 1st rounder should even be in consideration, since it shouldn’t. I’m sure Rodgers doesn’t want the Jets to turn over the #13 pick either, as evidenced by his contention that the Packers are the ones holding this up [by asking for too much].

This will get resolved in time, and it won’t involve the Jets’ top pick.

Re: LJax it would be obvious the Jets weren’t seriously pursuing him, and would only be using him for leverage. A team just doesn’t do that with such a high profile player it doesn’t feel is a fit. He’d have to be interviewed by a coordinator who has no experience maximizing such a player’s strengths, and possibly then put himself in position to get quickly replaced.

They spoke with Carr twice before meeting with Rodgers, and maybe before they officially had permission to speak with Rodgers in the first place.

There is little reason to meet with Jackson other than - as @Larz aptly put it - a transparently amateurish negotiating tactic that would ultimately fool no one, least of all the Packers. Sell them on the lie that the Jets won’t give up a 1st for Rodgers, whom they’ve had on the brain since hiring Hackett in January, but they’ll give up two 1sts for Jackson on a fully guaranteed deal his own team wouldn’t give him. Yeah, right. Never mind it’d be terrible PR for the Jets to engage in such false-premise talks in the first place with such a prominent, high profile QB.

And then when Green Bay laughs & dares the Jets to make an offer they won’t make, the ruse will have don’t more damage. They’re better off taking the course they’re on, which is that they badly want Rodgers, but even that desire has limits and life will go on if it doesn’t happen, whereas Green Bay will be sunk for more years & would then likely need to bypass ever trying out Jordan Love.

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15 hours ago, Warfish said:

It’s Wilson. Been telling y’all that from the start. JD believes in Wilson. Hell, half of getting AR is to buy Wilson and JD some time

This is it 100%!!

The Jets look at AR as having them keep and help Wilson and thereby having them avoid drafting another QB and Saleh’s statements today concerning Zach Wilson support this view 100% as well. 

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