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On 3/29/2023 at 2:09 PM, Scott Dierking said:

As much as I hated him in the 70's, he comes off very well in this. Really seems to enjoy the position with the Astros, and the owner is truly using him, or so it seems.

I didn't hate him because I am a Yankees fan but I totally agree with what you wrote. He was never my favorite player but when you watch the interviews, the old interviews from back in the day he is impressive.

The Astros stuff is impressive too. I feel like the shot they took at Hal was great. A short clip talking about them impact Reggie had on Clint Frazier and then show how Reggie didn't feel heard and took a spot with the Stros.

I guess George did listen to Reggie all those years when he was an advisor. You have to be impressed with how many Championship teams Reggie has been associated with.

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