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Zach Wilson looking ?

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2 hours ago, More Cowbell said:

Ok, I didn't know that but as I said, he is a public figure and this comes with the territory.  

Oh I agree. Doesn’t mean you should though.

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8 hours ago, More Cowbell said:

We have these things called Jets. Not the football team, things that people fly on. Zach has a lot of money to buy a ticket. 

The picture is from CitField.  
Miami plays in a dome.  

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9 hours ago, Copernicus said:

Thank you for such a well thought out response, I am not surprised. We have been fans (and on this site) for many years and take your responses with much respect. I think you are spot on here. Firstly, Zach Wilson's play on the field this season got progressively worse. It became clear that he was not neccessarily in over his head talentwise, but mentally at a real high level. Not being able to complete a pass to a wide open receiver 3 yards away but able to connect 40 yards away throwing across your body leads all of us to realize something was very wrong. His problem is clearly between the ears and this makes it even more difficult to overcome. . From what we know, Zach Wilson has never been accused of or arrested for a terrible crime. There have been examples of him being a real nice kid. Picks up the check, leaves a big tip at restaurants, flies to his teammates in the off season to improve, signs autographs for kids and fans, respectful when he speaks, ect. His work ethic off the field is from all indication at the extreme top, to the point where he is asked to leave the building because he is spending too much time watching film. I just don't see the level of ridicule he is taking for going through something so in the know as mental health. I think you're on to something that our front office might also have overlooked is the negative lightning rod of Zach's presence and lack of likeability. I think you're correct that some people look at him and immediatly hate him for his physical traits (blonde hair/blue eyes), religious affiliation, wealth before football, ect. I also believe that some who claim they dont want to live in a world where we are judged by the way we look or our religion could look in the mirror a little deeper if they too are doing the same with Zach. Some of those same critics have less to say and more sympathy for players who are terrible humans and less work ethic. 

. less than 2% of the worlds pop has blonde/blue. 

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On 3/30/2023 at 3:14 PM, RutgersJetFan said:

Verlander got hurt right about the same time this sh*t got posted so **** all of you.

Zach wilson is the mush 

His next job will be dealing craps at Borgata when someone's super hot 

He's the cooler 


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On 3/31/2023 at 5:48 AM, Trotter said:

I think it was @football guy who said the oc coaches were all over the place with him and telling him to do one thing and the n completely change it the next.

agree part if it is mental and it appears the coaching was the biggest culprit.

if ar comes here and Zach can watch but as important if Hackett is consistent with him - then maybe we get the qb who showed some glimpses


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