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How Good is our DEFENSE? 2023 taking shape

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My sense is that Chuck Clark is partially a replacement for Kwon and will be used to cover Tight Ends & in run support.  He’s a box safety who will come off the field when the Jets play 2 deep zone, which might be more of a preference than 3 deep zone to allow their corners to play closer to the line.  

I also believe there are signs that JFM will shift inside full time.  His skill on the outside is fully replaced by Jermaine Johnson, who is better against the run with more upside as an Edge pass rusher.  JFM has become a good run stopper on the inside where he’ll be needed to compliment his inside rush.  Might explain the Jets fairly passive approach to the DT position this off-season.  Cox and Campbell were likely rotational pass rushing pieces.  Part of the reason the latter signed with the Falcons.  

Left Edge:  Johnson / Huff


DT:  Quinnen / TBD

Right Edge:  Lawson / Clemons

LB:  Quincy Williams 

Mike:  Mosley

Box Safety:  Clark

SS:  Whitehead

FS:  Tony Adams

CB1:  Sauce

CB2:  DJ

Slot:  Carter II


Top 5 in yards & points?

Points Allowed Per Game?


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