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Poll: When will the Aaron Rodgers trade finally go down?


When will the Aaron Rodgers trade finally go down?  

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  1. 1. When will the Aaron Rodgers trade finally go down?

    • The week of 4/2
    • The week of 4/9
    • The week of 4/16 (Rodgers can show up in GB for workouts 4/17)
    • The week of the draft, pre-draft
    • Day 1 of the draft
    • Day 2 of the draft
    • Day 3 of the draft
    • Between the draft and June 1 (NFL schedule is released in early May)
    • June 1 (GB takes a lesser cap hit starting then)
    • Between June 1 and the end of OTAs
    • Between the end of OTAs and training camp
    • During training camp
    • Between the end of training camp and the start of the season
    • During the season, before the trading deadline
    • Never

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My guess: April 11th.  The NFL will want to get the most PR out of the ensuing parade.  This week, many people will be focused on Easter, but the following week can be Aaron Rodgers week, with the trade going down on Tuesday and the press conference with Rodgers in Florham Park on Thursday or Friday.  Then everyone can focus on draft hype for 2 weeks.

Oh, and this prevents the possibility of Rodgers showing up in Green Bay for workouts the following week.

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At this point, GB is being a bunch of vindictive, classless pricks. They're purposely drawing it out because they're pissed they're not getting the world and want to see any free agents waiting on the trade to bail on the jets. I used to think that GB was some classy organization, they're just a bunch of dbags and sore losers. 

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8 hours ago, T0mShane said:

I think it’ll be this week. Green Bay is going to wave the white flag and eat the two two’s. That die is cast unless someone else enters into the bidding, which ain’t happening.

Now hold on there fella..




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I’m thinking the draft week but more specifically the announcement will be made during the second round.  The talking heads want this to drag out because it occupies their idiot sports news for 5-10 minutes each show.  Idiots like greeney feign heart attacks.

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20 hours ago, Hal N of Provo said:

Draft day 2.  “A player to be named later” and the Pack makes the pick.  

That’s what I believe. Hoping JD can move down from 13 and grab an additional 2nd and 3rd or move down from 43 for a late 2nd and get us back into the 3rd round.

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