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Some draft expert mocks are pretty suspect.....Such as Chad Reuters latest....


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Now I'll give this guy credit for actually  going to the the 4th round and such but some of his takes are bizarre.

First complaint, He has the Jets giving up both 2nd rounders for Rodgers.  the only way that take would be the least bit acceptable would be if he stated that was the entirety of the trade compensation and that the jets were getting a pick if Rodgers packs it in after one year.  Still outlandishly rich.

Now for one of his actual picks, he has Houston drafting Bijan Robison at 12 saying they  have to help out Bryce Young whom they drafted at 2

Houston drafted Dameon Pierce last year and he had over 900 yards and was a solid #1 RB, they also signed Devon Singletary from the Bills.  Will they  take a Rb in the draft somewhere?  Perhaps but zero chance are they going to use the 12 pick on Robinson, just not paying attention to the Texans team needs at all.

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That whole CBS Sports group is a bunch of guys doing fan fiction. The dudes who actually know (or pretend to know) people in the league (Jeremiah, Brugler, Zeirlein) are all saying that this draft is going to go in a bunch of weird directions because it’s kind of weak at a lot of positions and the top ten is going to get weird because the QBs are flawed choose-your-adventure types. 

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