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Jet Fans Rejoice: It's Not Super Bowl or Bust, It's the Start of a Winning Era

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As a die-hard New York Jets fan, it's been a long and painful journey to get to where we are today. We've had season after season of disappointment, frustration, and unfulfilled potential. But with Joe Douglas at the helm, I truly believe that we are on the cusp of something special.

Now, there are some who believe that this season is Super Bowl or bust. That if we don't win it all, then Joe Douglas is a failure and needs to be fired. But I couldn't disagree more. Yes, there is some big moves happening offseason, signing Aaron Rodgers (it’s going to happen) and possibly even DeAndre Hopkins. But these moves aren't just about winning a Super Bowl. They're about building a team that can compete, year in and year out. The roster is upgraded every where.

And that's what Joe Douglas has been doing since he took over as GM. He's been building a team that is strong in all the right places, shedding the shortsighted roster he inherietied. He's been prioritizing premium positions on the roster, bringing in top talent and paying them what they're worth. Not a cent more. And he's been creating a culture of competition, where every position on the roster is up for grabs.

So yes, it would be amazing to win a Super Bowl this season. But even if we don't, I am still incredibly excited for what this team can do. We will have a star quarterback in Aaron Rodgers (allowing us some time to reset the position), a potentially elite receiver in DeAndre Hopkins coming in to help raise up G. Wilson, and a solid offensive line to protect them both(we are drafting some new blood here too). We have a defense that  hungry, and full of potential. And we have a head coach in Robert Saleh who knows how to get the best out of his players.

As a fan, I AM HAPPY!!! I'm happy that we are finally in a place where we can compete. I'm happy that we have a GM who knows what he's doing and is building a team for the long haul. And I'm happy that we don't have to put all our eggs in one basket and make it Super Bowl or bust. Many argue that this off season is exactly what it is not.

Sure, it would be nice to win it all. But even if we don't, we're still moving in the right direction. We're still building a team that can compete for years to come. And as a Jets fan, that's all I've ever wanted. So let's go out there and win some games. Let's make the playoffs. And let's see where this team can take us. Because win or lose, I'm happy with where we're headed.

And you should be too.


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