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Sauce Gardner releases trailer for Sauce Gardner Documentary on his youtube channel


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55 minutes ago, RutgersJetFan said:

Whenever I see dudes in $800 Amiri hoodies I question if human beings should even exist, but then I remember when $75 Tommy Hilfiger polos were the thing in the 90s so adjusted for inflation I guess that's kind of the same thing. 

Just what we needed:  Another thread about clothes.


CC:  @Barry McCockinner

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13 minutes ago, Lith said:

Clicked on this thread thinking it was gonna be some self-promoting "look at me I'm great" video.  Instead we see a thoughtful, soft spoken, introspective young man reflecting on growing up in and overcoming a rough environment.

Looking forward to the full documentary.

I watched based on this and Crusher's comment and wasn’t disappointed.  I’m also looking forward to it.  

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