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Another Packer fan here. Congrats on getting Rodgers. I think he will do very well here and I will watch every game hoping you win it all. Neither me or anyone I know thinks we got enough for him. Don't know why anyone here thinks you got fleeced. Nobody is doing cartwheels over the compensation that I know. You have a chance now and the Pack has none and a couple picks won't change that probably. Love is crap and best case next year we can combine your pick in the 30s with our top 5 pick and a second rounder to move up to #1 haha Been watching my Packers since 1958 season, I can handle losing and winning. Now I have 2 teams to watch this year. Goodluck all and you didn't get fleeced, enjoy the new Rodgers show!

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5 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Sure.  In that same span I could also lose the 55 pounds necessary to get down to my goal weight.  

The only way that will happen is if you actually get off the chair that's cemented to your A$$ and stop banging the keyboard on the JN forums lol...

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2 hours ago, papz187 said:

Thanks buddy, appreciate it! And good luck with your new QB this year, I look forward to the Jets trading for him in about 15 years emoji23.pngemoji23.png

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Some here have already coordinated starting  a thread later tonight “Jets Cave to GB and Overpay in Acquiring Jordan Love”

Good luck this season. 

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