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Interesting nugget from Rosenblatt


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6 minutes ago, C Mart said:

I can’t speak for what Rosenblatt specifically said. Todays presser Joe said they will now like 15 players. I dont recall him saying 15 1st round grades. 

"In terms of the mechanics of adding that to the deal,that's probably one of the last things that was agreed to in the deal," Douglas said. "We had 13 players we're really excited about. Now we have to have 15 players that we're really excited about and I feel comfortable that we have that."

Assistant GM Rex Hogan added: "No true effect. Our board still says the same. We'll continue to follow along the process we've built the roster. It gives us some flexibility to go whichever direction we want with the players that are available."

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1 hour ago, FidelioJet said:

Wow...It sure does feel like the Jets folded like a cheap suit here.

If we were going to do that pick swap we should have at least insisted on getting the higher 2nd round pick.  We let them get in front in the 1st and 2nd round and yes douglas did fold.

It still may work out well in the end if rodgers does what he is supposed to but his words were telling about never having a plan B.

Gutenkinst took him to school for a guy the packers desperately wanted to get rid of.

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