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AFC Power Rankings

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Chiefs Bengals Bills and Jets considered the big 4 right now with with Jax Chargers and Miami in the next tier. Let’s break down these top teams.

Buffalo - Our defense played them very well last year and gave Allen fits. The zone defense kind of bottled up Diggs a bit in both games (93 and 37 yards each game). Not really worried about them as I think we matchup nicely and they’ve lost a couple of key pieces also.

Cincy - another team we match up good against and we’ve played relatively well these last 2 years. We held Jamaar to only 29 yards in our matchup this past year, and we all remember the magical Mike White game against them Halloween 2 years ago. Again, not too scared of them. 

KC- alright obviously they’re the big dogs of the conference and have dominated these last 5 years. Mahomes is arguably the greatest QB of all time but he’s not unbeatable. His WR corps right now is questionable at best. We saw the blueprint how to beat him a few years back with Tampa Bay, constant pressure in his face. Lucky for us our DLine is capable of doing just that. With an EDGE rotation that consists of Lawson, Huff, JFM, JJ, Clemons we got guys flying off the EDGE causing havoc. Not to mention All Pro Q bull rushing up the middle. I know OT has been pretty much set in stone as our 1st RD pick but can you imagine if we draft DT Kancey out of PITT and put him next to Q?!! That D line would cause ALOT of problems for opposing offensive lines. 

All things considered this is obviously the closest we’ve been to a Superbowl in a long long time. Should be a fun season. 


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