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Poll: How Do You Rate Robert Saleh As HC Of The NYJ?

Poll: How Do You Rate Robert Saleh As HC Of The NYJ?  

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  1. 1. Poll: How Do You Rate Robert Saleh As HC Of The NYJ?

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    • Above Average
    • Average
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    • Terrible
    • It's been 2 years in and I'm still not sure what I think of him

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The Jets improved from 2 wins to 4 wins to 7 wins to probably over 10 wins. He does a good job with interviews and he relates to players well. He has taken on the role of a head coach and not an over glorified coordinator. Seems that free agents have no problem coming to the Jets which does reflect on Sala and his message.  Is he perfect - of course not but he hasn't done anything majorly wrong. Compared to the last few Jet head coaches Sala rates much better. 

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I'm giving Saleh an incomplete.   Real answers will come with the outcome of this upcoming season.

He's got freakin Aaron Rodgers.  And Hackett as OC.  The guy Rodgers has great rapport and MVP success with.  Last year's top 5 defense.  JD has been knocking it out of the park with last two drafts.  No reason not to expect more of the same.  I mean how many teams have ever drafted three legit and deserving candidates for ROTY in same draft?  Two actual winners and a front runner knocked out due only to injury.  Jets have weapons.  Sure...need more to be done for the OL.  But...IMO...

12 wins and playoffs...no excuses. 

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Mark me down for average. Last season he showed he can field a good unit on his side of the ball (giggity @Jetsfan80) which is the baseline for a former-coordinator elevated to an HC role. Need to see better in-game-management and offensive play to rate him higher than that.

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I think he manages to get the players playing and at least on part of the team, defense, seems to be on the right track. But everyone should be concerned about how he hired milfy and let him run the offense with seemingly little oversight. Obviously Hackett has more credibility than milfy so such lax oversight might work. But saleh still needs to understand all facets of the game.

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He lost the team last year.   He did a terrible job of keeping the team together and they were terrible down the stretch of the season.  Lots of injuries but in truth they were really bad down the stretch and he looked cluless in some critical situations.

Hackett didn't call plays in Green Bay and he did call them in Denver until he was forced to give it up.  

I think they reason we were all in on Rodgers is he doesn't need good coaching or a good scheme.  He can improvise and make plays.  

The coaching staff is a big question mark and a huge concern.  If we get off to a slow start I could see things heading south in a hurry.  It's critical they get out of the gate fast.  

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He's gotta get better with clock management for sure.  He took our defense and made it elite in a pretty short span of time.  The question will be how he does with elite talent at all the key positions offensively.  There is no excuse for this team to not, at the very least, make the playoffs next season.  I'll be disappointed if we don't make it to the divisional round at worst.  


I picked unsure still, but I like his upside.  I think he has the potential to be a great coach.

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