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How optimistic are you for 2023 with Rodgers?


Optimism after Rodgers Signing  

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1 hour ago, The Crusher said:

100% confident in Rodgers ability to make this team a serious contender. 

100% confident in knowing this franchise is cursed and likely nothing to see here. 

If Rodgers stays healthy, we are going to the playoffs. 

Once in the playoffs, lots of things can happen.

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2 hours ago, Beerfish said:

If all you care about is winning the division and are not counting wild card aspirations sure.

Everyone in the division plays that same schedule and I’ve seen way too many schedules that look hard in April that don’t pan out.  That’s all.  

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Aaron Rodgers is 10-6 against the AFC East and I’m sure a significant chunk of those 6 losses were Tom Brady Patriot era games.

Honestly, an Aaron Rodgers lead Green Bay team rocking the current Jets roster would be favored in the majority of those games, even though it looks like a tough schedule. You’re extra cautious about those games because… you’re the Jets and you’ve had terrible QB play for a long time.

If Rodgers doesn’t fall off a cliff, you should at least win the AFC East. Probably sweep the Patriots, Miami, and maybe split with Buffalo (based on previous Buffalo years). You could also just dominate everyone.

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