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McDonald is a GREAT pick- watch film!

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Can’t say if this a good pick or so so until he finally gets on the field. The thing is saleh likes rotating the big defensive guys and Macdonald gives him another player to rotate into edge. He seems a little light for a dline player so maybe he can play linebacker and cover tes. I know ot was probably the desired pick but the jets have quite a few oline players right now and there will be others available in the later rounds, as udfa, and free agents. The low cap hit this year for Rodgers should help in signing a decent tackle.

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1 minute ago, Pac said:

I kinda like this guy. 

Been a Jets fan since 1984.  Ken O'Brien to Walker and Toon days!  But stopped posting here because of all the negativity and the way the posters just turn on the team in a moment's notice.  Fair weather fans.  granted we've struggled no doubt but I like what I'm seeing now.  I also loved Rex when he was here.  Posters turned on him in a flash.  Just pathetic

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2 minutes ago, Biggs said:

Didn't see it.  Toon is one of my favorite Jets players of all time.  Loved the pick.  On the other hand I hated passing on Marino and drafting a bronze likeness of an NFL QB.  

Our O line was pretty porous at the time to be fair

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