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Rodgers trade hindsight


Knowing what we now know on draft results  

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  1. 1. What should Joe have done..

    • 2023 1st and 4th
    • Both 2023 2nd round and late round swap
    • As is trade
    • Zach/Minshew and picks.. / Lose his job but may be best for team.

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We held the leverage.

If you ride out the draft, then the Packers are left with a huge cap hit on Rodgers if they keep him.

Ultimately it’s absolutely pointless worrying because if Rodgers takes us all the way (however unlikely), then who cares what we’ve gave up. Would be worth 100 first round picks.

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I'm curious if JD junprotected the 1st for next year, being that its pretty much gone anyways, what he could have saved in the process. I tried to be positive post trade, but the draft lost me

I mean we all know we gave up a 3rd for Favre, and in return we got a great first half of the season, then he got hurt and seemed like he didn't really want to play through it. Then he didn't wanna deal with NY anymore (a few reasons), and our division is harder now than it was before.

I swear with this organization it's like if a few things go their way, they make sure to then do three idiotic things to make sure they can't be a successful team.

As we go into next year our offensive line is suspect if everyone stays healthy(stay healthy lol). our WR core is not really talented if Wilson goes down and idk theirs nothing wrong with the defense but somehow the AR cap situation will mess up Quinnens contract, causing him to hold out or some bogus crap that will then mess up the defense

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in the end we all want a QB that can play the position at a high level. We haven't had that here in a long time. This is the first time I think JD has not gotten the best deal possible, especially with his history. It leads me to believe that he was told get Rodgers in here no matter what. With JD"s history of trades and FA signings, it's the only thing that makes sense.

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The trade totally butchered our draft, IDC what any of you jet propaganda consumers say, WE ARE DEEP AT DE! THE ONE POSITION WHERE WE COULD AFFORD TO LOSE A GUY TO INJURY!

What if Garrett goes down? What if Becton goes down? What about defense tackle???

But let these JD fans tell it taking a pass rusher was the best move.

This entire offseason was very underwhelming tbh and that McDonalds pick was very Big Macc’ish

I’m sorry 

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