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Poll… Yes or No on McDonald at #15

Go on record now would you have taken McDonald at #15? Yes or No?  

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  1. 1. Would you have taken McDonald at #15?

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Do I approve? I mean I understand it and I don’t think it was a panic move. So yeah I guess I approve 

Would I have taken him ?  I need to know what trades were offered and if any other players that were there had a first round grade. I suspect Gonzalez had a first round grade. I’m not taking a CB for this team.
It’s possible Kancy did and that’s a good debate.  I suspect he didn’t though because the jets said they had I think 13-15 players with a first round grade and the top 14 were basically that list with the possible exception of Gibbs. 


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This is a complex question....

If you want to know if we like the pick that is a different question. then would you have picked.

The fact that they knew how they would play him means they were not pulling his name out of their asses.

Any guy who can jump over a car is okay in my book

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Yes. Absolutely.  I don't study the draft as much as others but I do see what JD and Saleh saw in this guy. 

Also I see now that the guys that our posters are saying we shoulda coulda at 15 were passed by multiple teams.... there is something to that to me.   

Across the board I don't think I've seen Jet players like these guys.  Long, lanky, bendy, athletic freaks.  I like this draft alot.

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6 minutes ago, Green Ghost said:

Do you want to have sex with this woman. Yes or no?

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*waiting anxiously for every 500 word answer debating the pros and cons of this question….

Well it depends on what is out there at the time.  I mean I like her and she's pretty but maybe prefer blondes.   Where did she rank?

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so I thought about it a little more and The New York Jets probably wanted to get an offensive tackle for their new quarterback but Will McDonald IV is still a nice selection in the 2023 NFL draft. 

The NFL draft board doesn’t always work out the way that you want and that was clear for the New York Jets on Thursday night in the first round.

New York dropped back to No. 15 overall as part of the trade for Aaron Rodgers, the four-time MVP and it cost them a shot to get one of the top three offensive tackles. 

There was a run on tackles. However, the Jets had a backup plan and still wound up with a really good player in Iowa State EDGE Will McDonald IV. 

The first round of the NFL draft is about getting EDGE rushers and elite linemen, at least in my opinion, and of course, if you already have a quarterback.

The Jets got their QB in Aaron Rodgers and even though they didn’t land the offensive tackle they wanted, getting an elite pass rusher is the next best thing and Will McDonald IV is just that. Elite.

McDonald had two double-digit sack seasons at Iowa State, as well as four total seasons with at least five sacks. He had 34 sacks total and 40 tackles for loss, plus a ridiculous 10 forced fumbles and seven passes batted down.

Head coach Robert Saleh is going to love his guy and so will Jets fans. Who won’t love him are Josh Allen, Tua, and Mac Jones. New York made the best of a bad situation.


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I don't hate the pick but probably would have gone with JSN there at #15.

I like it better today than I did on Thursday and if the idea was that McDonald lets the Jets move JFM inside more consistently then perhaps that's the DT upgrade we were looking for?   McDonald is a better pass rusher from DE than JFM, and JFM fills a bit of a hole left by Rankins and Shepherd?  One thing seems for sure.  The DLine is STACKED!  What do we have now, FIVE 1st round picks on DL?

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1 minute ago, Lith said:

How can we give a simple yes or no.  You have asked two questions.  I did not respond to the poll, but here are my simple answers. 

  1. Do you approve taking McDonald at 15? Yes
  2. Would you have taken McDonald at 15? No



I tried to dele the first question (it is irrelevant to the poll, my bad) but don’t know how?

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