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Quinnen Williams Takes Contract Situation to Social Media…Sort of

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Quinnen Williams

Thanks to the keen eye of Jets beat reporter Zach Rosenblatt of The Athletic, it seems Quinnen Williams has taken the predictable step of removing the Jets from his twitter bio.  So While Williams didn’t officially make a statement, pulling the Jets from his bio is a mini statement of its own.


It’s a common tactic that has become a staple of high-profile contract negotiations in recent years as a way to put pressure on teams when a segment of a given fan base will react to the edited bio by sharing their concerns online.

Quinnen Williams is going to be a problem for opposing offenses for the foreseeable future. Tosses the interior lineman into the backfield on this play. pic.twitter.com/7rc2YoPgIy

— Glenn Naughton (@JNRadio_Glenn) October 3, 2022

While Williams and the Jets would reportedly like to get a deal done, we suggested earlier this offseason that the Jets should have been more aggressive in getting their All-Pro lineman to sign on the dotted line.  The signing of Commanders defensive tackle Daron Payne could have been a catalyst to getting  a deal done.

Without knowing for certain what each side is offering or asking for, it’s impossible to say who is to blame for a deal not being in place at this point.

While it is now being rumored that Williams could be seeking as much as $30 million per year according to Henry McKenna of Fox Sports.


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