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Aaron partakes in unique exercise with Jets teammates

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Aaron Rodgers is doing everything he can to build camaraderie with his New York Jets teammates, as shown in recent photos.

By Michael Nania - On 05/17/2023, 1:57 PM
* *  i apol.   i'm having computer issueS      AGAIN  :badmood:       i could  NOT  post the above article.        i apol.    
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13 hours ago, freestater said:

Honestly, the Aaron Rodgers buy in to this season could not possibly have gone better. I'm so stoked by how enthusiastic he is to be here. 

agreed !        he will be a GREAT guy to have in our locker room.        everyone knows who he is & what he has done/accomplished in the NFL             he'll be a big help for zach              i'm hoping zach can   Watch & Learn       😎

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--- The AFC East is also tight, but for a more compelling reason. The entire division ranks in the top half of the FPI's rankings. Buffalo, which boasts the second-highest FPI rating in the league, has only a 44% shot to win the division because the New York Jets (25%) and Miami Dolphins (22%) pose legitimate threats. Because of the strength of the division, the New England Patriots have just an 8% chance to win despite being the 16th-best team in the league in the model's view.

--- It's amazing what Aaron Rodgers (and a strong defense) can do for a team. The Jets are sixth in the ratings and have a win total of 9.5 (but it is shaded toward the over and comes despite a difficult schedule). They ranked fifth in EPA per play on defense last season but 29th on offense. Obviously, the expectation is that things will change substantially with a Hall of Fame quarterback.

Now, the high rating doesn't mean the Jets' projections are all that strong. We're talking about a team with a 25% chance to win the division and a 4% shot at winning the Super Bowl. That's the schedule, strength of the division and conference talking. The Jets can simultaneously be a good team and have a tough road to success, which is what the FPI is suggesting. Still, I didn't think New York was a lock to be ahead of the Dolphins, and it's a good sign for the Jets that the numbers fell that way.

This is the FPI's ninth season making preseason projections, and it is the first time the Jets have even a 1% chance to win the Super Bowl -- let alone 4% -- entering the season.

###  rest of above article  > https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/37685864/all-great-running-back-jim-brown-dies-87

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21 minutes ago, jtomm said:

hey Bronx !  😎.. thank you for posting ^^  !             yes, i'm saving $ for a new computer   😇         Goooo JETS ! ! 😎


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On 5/21/2023 at 6:30 PM, freestater said:

Honestly, the Aaron Rodgers buy in to this season could not possibly have gone better. I'm so stoked by how enthusiastic he is to be here. 

he seems to have a great view and i'm hoping other members of our team will follow his Lead  😎

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Aaron Rodgers showed up for first day of Jets OTAs

Posted by Mike Florio on May 23, 2023, 6:32 AM EDT

New Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers showed up in New York with what appeared to be an eager desire to participate in the full offseason program. Then, Rodgers said he’d miss some of the sessions.

For now, he’s there. Rodgers attended the first OTA of the 2023 offseason on Monday.

It’s good for him, his teammates, and his new team. While Rodgers knows the offense being implemented by new coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, Rodgers doesn’t know all of his new teammates — and all of his new teammates don’t know him. They need to be around each other. Thy need to become comfortable with each other.The Jets players, many of whom were in grade school when Rodgers burst onto the scene as MVP of Super Bowl XLV, are starstruck by Rodgers. They need to get past that. Rodgers needs to help them do it.

There’s only one way it happens. They have to get used to him.

Rodgers learned that (or at least he should have) last year, when the Packers traded receiver Davante Adams and a slew of new wideouts arrived to replace him, from rookies Christian Watson and Romeo Doubs to veteran Sammy Watkins. Watson and Doubs didn’t seem to get truly comfortable with Rodgers, and Rodgers didn’t seem to get truly comfortable with Watson and Doubs, until the Packers had dug themselves a hole from which they had to struggle to emerge.

They almost did. They ultimately didn’t. It’s hard not to wonder whether they would have, if guys like Watson and Doubs had been a little more comfortable a little sooner.This year, with the Jets facing stiff competition in their division and a tough schedule, the sooner everyone is on the same page, the better. So it’s good that Rodgers showed up for Day One. It will be great for the team if he sticks around.

>> https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2023/05/23/aaron-rodgers-showed-up-for-first-day-of-jets-otas/

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  • Rich Cimini, Jun 19, 2023

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Even though he missed some practice time because of a strained right calf, quarterback Aaron Rodgers made enough impressive throws in OTA practices to fuel the New York Jets' overflowing optimism. It wasn't just his arm strength or accuracy that grabbed their attention; it was more nuanced than that.It was the way he used his eyes to manipulate defenders, the way he anticipated open receivers because he recognized the coverage and the leverage. The man has played approximately 14,000 snaps in his career, so those eyes have seen a lot. He gave his new team a glimpse of what high-level quarterback play really looks like.

"It's a different vibe," linebacker C.J. Mosley said of Rodgers' impact. "He sets the bar. He sets the expectations with his résumé, with his name and the way he approaches the game every single day."

Rodgers' mere presence makes the offense better than last season, which ended with an embarrassing string of inept performances. The Jets scored only 15 points combined over the final three games, resulting in big changes. Out went offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur, in came Nathaniel Hackett, whose hire was a turning point because it helped lure Rodgers out of possible retirement and set up the eventual Jets-Green Bay Packers trade.

The question is, can the addition of Rodgers turn the Jets -- 29th in scoring last season -- into a high-functioning offense?

"[We're] far away. We’ve got a lot of work to do," said Hackett, assessing the state of the offense after the final practice. "I think the guys have gotten the nuts and bolts of it during this offseason. There’s a lot of guys that haven’t been out there that we need to see and be able to evaluate and see how they fit in, but there’s a lot of work still to be done."

Let's compare the 2022 offense to the projected 2023 unit :


Returnees: Zach Wilson, Chris Streveler

Losses: Mike White, Joe Flacco

Additions: Rodgers, Tim Boyle

Better, worse or the same: Much better

You'd be hard-pressed to find a position group across the NFL that improved as much as this one. The Jets went from an overwhelmed Wilson, who has 15 touchdown passes and 18 interceptions in 22 careers starts, to a future Pro Football Hall of Famer. That said, Rodgers still has some questions to answer.He's coming off his worst season -- a career-low 39.3 QBR. A fractured right thumb and an inexperienced cast of receivers probably had a lot to do with that. There's also the health question: Is the calf injury, suffered in pre-practice warm-ups on May 23, an outlier or an ominous harbinger? When healthy, Rodgers takes the Jets to a level at quarterback they haven't reached since Brett Favre in 2008.

From all indications, Wilson has embraced his demotion, saying the opportunity to learn from Rodgers will benefit his career. There's no reason to doubt that, but what happens if Wilson is forced into action, like, now? His footwork has improved and he's "a lot more accurate" than last season, according to coach Robert Saleh. The key, of course, is how he responds in the face of a pass rush -- something that can't be answered until he's in a game. When under pressure, his career QBR is a historically poor 3.4 -- 34th out of 34 qualified passers over the past two years, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

rest of above article  >>  https://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/92072/jets-offense-is-better-at-qb-see-aaron-rodgers-but-what-about-the-other-positions

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