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Varlo's dream come true.....

Ryno the Jet

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This is from KFFL.com:

Jets | Leinart scheduled for private workout

Sat, 1 Apr 2006 09:23:53 -0800

Gil Brandt, of NFL.com, reports USC QB Matt Leinart is scheduled for a private workout with the New York Jets on April 19.

I realize this is not a big shock to anyone, but it is football news pertaining to the Jets, so I guess it warrants yet another QB discussion/argument.

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wow you are just to funny ryno u really are

I'm not trying to be an a$$, sorry if it seems that way. I respect your opinion, and I actually thought you would be happy to know this info. I am by no means the authority on propper drafting, that is why we keep R44 and Bit around.

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