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Barnwell: The Jets had the 9th worst off-season the NFL

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10 hours ago, doitny said:

he might be right..... but we wont know for at least 3 years or more.

1. how was Rodgers here? how far did we go?

2. how good was Carr in NO ? that was the guy if Rodgers retired. not Teddy B or Jimmy G.

3. how good did the draft picks we gave up turned out to be ? that OL we lost out on at 13, the 43 rd pick. next years #1.

god willing we will all be around to debate this in 3 years. hopefully it wont be a debate because Rodgers was great and Carr and the draft picks sucked. but if we go one and done in each of Rodgers years and Carr and those draft picks are really good then we will have some heated debates.

to early now to say anything, but thats what these guys get paid for.

If Carr and the draft pick we would have made sucked, that is not good for the Jets.  It means these guys are sh*theads and just lucky.  Their alternatives should be the 2nd best choice.  Jets fans relying on luck seems to be a bad strategy.

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