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Saquon Wants To Get Paid

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11 hours ago, Joe Willie White Shoes said:

Why should the NFL and the NFLPA change the salary structure for RBs???? They are getting paid what they deserve based on the current market. The data shows they decline in year 4/5 and fall off a cliff in year 7. 

As stated earlier, nobody gave a crap when offensive linemen were paid a fraction of what other positions made from 1930-2012. So it’s not a glamour position any more. There’s no need to tilt the market in their favor. 

the nfl and nflpa already have a bonus pool for young lower round draft picks to get paid extra based on playing time etc.  I am suggesting that they include yards or touches to allow for RB to get a piece of this bonus pool.  

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3 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

My Thoughts are.... everyone knows RB's decline as they age the one rare one that comes along and has a full consistent career (Payton, Smith Faulk, Martin, Harris, Sanders) is just that ....rare . However if you are a team ready to win now, a young Dynamic RB could make all the difference. That's when you spend the resources on a RB not while your rebuilding. In a full on rebuild I would not draft a RB or sign a dynamic FA until I was sure I had all the pieces in place to contend for a SB. We are that team right now but we have a good group of RB's and if Breece Hall defies the odds and comes back like he left off ( like an Adrian Peterson ) with AR at QB you will be glad you have him rather than a bunch of cast offs or late round picks. A great all around RB can turn an offense elite better than any other skill position on the field other than the QB. We have to assume you have a QB or else WTF is the point

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