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What is your favorite all time Jets memory...but wait...

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On 6/16/2023 at 6:30 AM, Trotter said:

Heidi bowl.

watching my dad lose it when they took the game off and my mother trying to find the phone number for nbc in the yellow pages

The good old days when the Wife actually cared when you were upset regardless of how stupid it was 😂 

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What is your favorite all time Jets memory...but wait...I am not talking about something the Jets did on the field. I mean a Jets memory, something that happened at a game, or watching a game? Or punching a Patriots fan in the face lol. Something cool like that.  default_smile.png

For me there are a few and I go back to the old stadium.
1. We want the pumpkin game. Late 80s \ early 90s -- an inflatable pumpkin was being bounced around the stadium like a beach ball. It goes on the sideline and security takes it.

Crowd goes nuts. Legit nuts. We want the pumpkin, we want the pumpkin.
Security brought the damn pumpkin back out and the people had their way. It was hysterical, so much fun.
2. Blow up doll. Similar kind of thing, I think in the early 90's. People are batting this naked female blow up doll around, just like a beach ball.
Everyone is laughing and having fun. Just hit it up and the next person does the same thing. This was on the other side of the field from me, and I will never forget it...
This guy gets it and the things he did to that doll. Security had to wrestle it away from him. This guy was clearly a deviant of epic proportions. Nobody was going to want to touch this doll when he was done with it. Pretty sure this guy hadn't had an actual date in ten plus years. He put everything he had into this (almost literally lol).

Security handled it and that was that.
3. Burning of the painters caps. They gave out these Jets painters caps which were basically made of paper. I could be wrong on this one but I think it was a Monday night, blowout loss against the Bills. Crowd got angry and people started making piles of these caps, then burning them.
It was a different world in the late 80s \ early 90s in that stadium. A very different world. 

I was at all of the above, the barn fire started in Section 314 when some guys behind collected caps and set them ablaze, it spread around the upper deck. That was a MNF game vs the Bills and Jets were losing by at least 4 tds at half. The fun started right after half.
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On 6/16/2023 at 10:39 PM, joe-willie said:


3) the Monday Night Miracle !! , I watched it at Home , but I was so pumped after the game, I also soon realized I wasn't alone !!!   people were looking out the windows yelling we won ....we won !! , reminded me of the movie network , must have been at least 30 different apartment building windows from all over the block , we were talking {yelling} back and forth across the street it was very comical and Ill never forget it !

That's my memory on steroids! Watched at my apartment while my wife was asleep  and also started yelling and woke her up, not happy. Then I  realized the new guy in the apartment next door was also yelling so we both opened our doors and high fived... couldn't sleep  after that one! 

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