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Jets land 4 players on CBS sports' top 100 list


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Billy Riccette  - June 16, 2023 

The summer is right around the corner which means a yearly staple of the offseason is coming soon: the NFL Players’ Top 100 list.

You’ve come across these lists over the years, where players across the league rank their top players and it comes together in a multi-part series on NFL Network during the summer.As a result, other places across the media try their hand at making a top-100 list as well. CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco recently did so and the Jets make a pretty good appearance on the list.

Four players crack the top 100 for CBS, all within the top 70 with three among the top 30 and one in the top 20 — you can probably guess that player or perhaps all four without even looking.

Let’s check out those players and what CBS and Prisco had to say about each player.

No. 63 - WR Garrett Wilson

The 2022 Offensive Rookie of the Year is already making a case as one of the better wide receivers in the game and could be in for an even bigger season in 2023.As a rookie, dealing with a lot of bad quarterback play, he had 83 catches to win NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. Imagine what he can do this season with Aaron Rodgers?

No. 29 - QB Aaron Rodgers

He may be turning 40 years old, but Prisco clearly still has high hopes for the Jets’ new sheriff in town.Now that he’s in New York, the Jets have to hope he can get back to his MVP form of 2020 and 2021. He wasn’t as good last season, but even his not-as-good is better than most. He can still play at a high level.

No. 28 - DT Quinnen Williams

12 sacks and an All-Pro selection equal a high spot across the league’s players list, not just at his position. Now it’s about locking him up long-term.He is a force in the middle of the Jets defense, which is why he’s clamoring to get paid. He is coming off his best season, registering 12 sacks, while playing well against the run.

No. 15 - CB Sauce Gardner

Hard to argue with Prisco putting Gardner as the best player on the Jets and top-15 overall. After just one year in the league, Gardner already has a case as the best cornerback in the entire league after being the first rookie since Hall of Fame cornerback Ronnie Lott in 1981 to be named First-Team All-Pro.As a rookie, he was one of the best corners in the league, showing off his outstanding cover skills. He will high be on this list for a long time if he stays healthy.

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1 hour ago, RevisIsland610 said:

Breece Hall would have been on this list also if he had stayed healthy. 

True.  Both Hall and AVT would have been safe bets IMO, with Reed being right on the cusp.  Pretty crazy, potentially having 7 guys on this list considering how we probably had 0 only a couple years ago, post-Adams trade.  Could have MAYBE made a case for Quinnen sneaking in at that point but I doubt it.  The quick turn-around in stockpiling high-end talent has been impressive.  

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All well deserved, although crazy to see Sauce already making it to #15 after just one year, but I certainly wouldn't disagree with it at all.

Sad reality that the top paid Jets player by an excessively wide margin (although surely to change with a Rodgers restructure) never had a chance at sniffing this list.

I do however agree with many others who said Reed was definitely better than numerous players who made this list.  Easily JD's best FA signing.

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2 hours ago, Alex G said:

I like JD but man, he really had his pick of like 10 different players from this Top 100 list with the 2nd overall selection in 2021, and decided on Zach.


And after that he landed 4 on that list, with 1 arguably snubbed and one that would have made it if not for an injury.

Talk about fixing a blunder

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