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Aaron Rodgers Shares Vaccine-Related 'Joe Rogan Experience' Clip on Instagram Story


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26 minutes ago, bgivs21 said:

I mean Rogan has had very highly regarded doctors on that disagree with Hoetz too (speaking specificallyabout covid). This is ths problem, people just hand wave things away and say the science is settled because it alligns with their beliefs. 

Hoetz was wrong about a number of his covid claims btw. 

Idk why people think a doctors word is infallible. 

While I agree that science isn’t always perfect and people can adhere to science like a religion at times, a discussion like this can only go as far as the weakest link in the chain and RFK is basically a breakfast sausage. This wouldn’t be a good faith debate. Falsely legitimizing a known conspiracy nutjob while the Dr is being followed and harassed by limp-dick Roganites isn’t the honest debate people want it to be. Hotez may have been incorrect about some stuff regarding a novel virus that was killing a lot of people and still to this day affects different people differently, but RFK is basically incorrect about everything else in the world. 

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