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Motivational speeches: Saleh vs Rex


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3 minutes ago, UntouchableCrew said:

That was literally what I was thinking about when I made that comment. That wouldn't fly today lol.

Sidenote: I googled Terry Glenn and just learned he actually died at 43 years young in a car wreck.

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He’d be cancelled for misgendering Terry Glenn. For an entire season he referred to Glenn as “she” in press conferences because he thought Glenn was being a wuss refusing to play through an injury.
I was going to post that. I remember it like it was yesterday. No way he survived that in today's cancel culture society.
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Rex was fun, in your face, and took the heat while he made us relevant for a few years,  until the wheels came off... Loved seeing my Buffalo fans friends reactions to having to accept a guy they had grown to hate... Priceless!

While Saleh has been consistently cool, measured and in control as this team has been built . What I like is he strongly differentiates between Belief and Faith. There was a short video on this last September. Basically he said that those who live in a world of belief have to see it to know it's possible while those with Faith know it's possible before it ever happens. People who have Faith have no ceiling. Stick to the process of getting better every day and to look at this team it's going to be awesome. A lot of people can't see it, but it's gonna happen!.

There has been a steady locker room culture growing embracing this mantra that I feel is ready to show itself and I have faith this will come to be! 

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5 hours ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

Rex Ryan's entire "strategy" was to blitz on nearly every down and play 1950s Offense. Just like his Dad. And when the league figured it out... along with Rex decimating the roster, the fun was over. 


Saleh is still a work in progress, but he seems willing to adjust and be flexible.... the Jets had no business winning 7 games last year, but there they were. Now that the team has a competent player under center, we'll have our answer.

his strategy was a little more complex than that and he had Sanchez who is a check of alot better than z wilson, but was terrible. We were ground and pound because we had no other chance, and his limited offenses still at least made use of modern concepts of the time. I dont get the whole revisionist history of rex sucked, we literally went to two afc championship games and beat some of the best QBs of our time with a defense made from other teams scraps and revis. We blitz because we didn't ahve pressure with out it. It was great coaching and something we have not seen since - actual gameplan scheme to win. The play off wins that you gloss over, we mainly games where we did not just blitz, it was this non blitzing game pan that led to wonderful results. 

It is so lazy to not understand what happened or recognize or give merit to Rex's coaching because you didnt like the last game he was here. Tanny gutted the roster not rex. Rex got it done with what no one thought he could. Anyway

Also did you see those games? what the hell are you talking about. Patriots beat us twice because we could not score 1 td, how exactly did we not deserve to win those games? our guys played thier hearts out for us last year and were in every damn game almost. 

As much as I disagree with you, i can definitely agree that with a QB we are going to see one way or another if this teams roster and coaching can be championship level. Cause like it or not this year is the year we are making the push. 

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On 6/28/2023 at 10:46 PM, Jetkwondo said:

My favorite short motivational Saleh video!

Just a play on words in relation to this video but loaded with truth, Rodgers claims "I'm here because I believe in this team. I believe in Coach Saleh, I believe in the direction of Joe Douglas".

Saleh said " Those who live in a world of belief have to see it to know it's possible". I guess Rodgers saw it in losing to the the Jets in Lambeau last year to know what's possible... Wise choice for the best chance to go out on top!


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On 6/28/2023 at 6:54 AM, THE BARON said:

Just Rex and Saleh ??? Why not add some motivational speaking from the master.  GASE. 

”you guys aced this opening drive!! In fact, you did so well that I don’t think you even have to put effort into the rest of the game!”

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Inspirations is an attempt to increase effort.  Great teams are coached to play as a team and everyone does their job.  It's a lot of teaching, much of it technical.

The coaches who really impact teams are great teachers and attend to the details sometimes bordering on minutia.  If you need a lot of inspiration you're going to lose to the well coached teams. 

Parcells and Weeb had staffs and they tought guys how to play.  Lombardi for all the talk about his inspiration was a great HC because he sat down with guys at the chalk board and diagramed everything.  He tought his guys how to play as a team.  

The idea that players today couldn't play for these great teachers is insane.  

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We are talking about coaching an NFL football team here. It's a very complex job.  Since when does being Tony Robbins make you a good coach?  Is Bellichick a great motivational speaker?  Was Chuck Noll?  Bill Walsh?  These are not high school kids.  We are well past the days of Knute Rockne.  I don't think giving a great speech to the team in August is worth a damn come game 1.  I don't think giving a great speech before a game means much after 1-2 plays.  A great coach has coaches that install a great scheme, teaches the team to execute it, and makes good in game decisions.  Motivational speaking is not a criteria for success or a measurement of good coaching talent.

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