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Why did you pick your username?

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1. Had to be anonymous.  

2. Absolutely not tied to a player, era, player's #, the word "Jets", etc.  

3. Wanted it to sound cool, and be memorable.

4. Didn't want a name tied to my favorite bands (Floyd, the Dead) cause that was overdone IMO back then.

In the earliest days of the internets and forums I went by "Blitzkrieg".  One of my favorite Metallica cover songs.  Means "lightning war", which seemed to suit my argumentative style as a youth.  But I realized early on it wasn't really a good name, too much chance of being linked to/mistaken as it representing white supremacists/neonazis, etc.  So I dumped it very early on, long before I joined a Jets forum.

So I went looking for a new name.

I liked Millitary history.  I liked Fishing.  There is a fish called a "Warmouth" (see my sig), a pugnacious little sunfish who acts a hell of alot more aggressive than he should.  I liked the sound of that, but didn;t want to use it verbatim I guess.

So War.  Fish.  Warfish.  Short, to the point, memorable I thought.  Anonymous, not tied to players or the like, not tied to any known existing thing or group or the like.  Woulda made a cool band name, lol. 

So I went with that, and have been Warfish ever since.  Again, it seems to suit me I think.

I think only about three people on this forum know my actual first name.  More than I ever expected tbqh, but one (Crusher) lives near me and we watched a few games toegther back in the day, and the other two (Max and DeadJet) only found out when I met them last season when I came to a game. 

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