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2 minutes ago, Larz said:


I know we are supposed to be looking at GW and his leg, but Rodgers has the D jumping offsides almost every day from what I have seen.  A constant complaint I have had for both Darnold and Zach last few years.  always snapping on one.  and if I know that......

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Quinnen Williams blows up the first play of teams (MC rush attempt). Full pads but never live to the ground (of course, in today’s game). Q beat the OL to the spot, but it may have also been a positioning problem (based on assignments—a little of both). 

Second play, free play for Aaron Rodgers (offsides), he takes a shot for GW vs DJ, good throw, better coverage.



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Rookie Trey Dean gets things going by taking Max to the ground near the sideline. Wraps and continues to DRIVE. Finishes the play, OL Senat takes umbrage and also gets involved. 

If I’m Ulbrich, I’m slapping Dean on the back with a very quiet, “Great job, kid.”
While “live to the ground” is the way of the football world, defenders have to sometimes ramp up the tempo and momentum with a full stop that makes noise. #Jets
10:23 AM · Jul 27, 2023

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