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Who might be trade candidates at the end of camp?

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1 hour ago, Bobby816 said:

Thank you. You keep spending 1st rounders on guys only spending 60% of the snaps on defense when you can be drafting guys that will be on 95% of offense. It’s using your resources better. Especially as a win now team. I don’t buy into that McDonald will help this team this year and next year more than JSN would have. Also we don’t have a 1st next year likely. So getting guys that will make an immediate impact on offense is that much harder. You’re looking at if we have a hole at WR and look to get younger via draft. Maybe not able to even think about drafting one until a pick in the late 50s early 60s. Or possible not even in the top 100.

A lot of tears being shed over a slot receiver who had one good year in college with Wilson and Olave as his teammates on the outside. Seems like this time last year, we were still hearing a lot about how a CB could never possibly make as much of an impact as an OT. Somehow, though, that Sauce pick seems to’ve worked out. 
These guys operate under the premise that you can never have too many pass rushers. Lawson and Huff are free agents next year, and JFM’s salary jumps from $1M to $13M. They need good players in that pipeline. The DL is one of the primary reasons the Jets are perceived to be a good team. Meanwhile, they have Lazard, Hardman, and Cobb all fully capable of playing slot receiver this year. 

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22 hours ago, Beerfish said:

We have 12 unblockable guys, will be nice when they all get to play like 12% of the snaps.  (Another reason I did not want to draft mcdonald)

There’s a reason they have been unblocksble, and it’s not something that bodes well for#8😩

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