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After watching last nights game, "Are the Jets hurting themselves by keeping Randall Cobb on the final 53 man roster?"


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21 hours ago, Alka said:

It seems to me that we have some terrific young wide receivers who might be good enough to make the final roster, but with an aging Randall Cobb making the roster, I think we will be hurting ourselves.

Assuming we keep 6 wide receivers, let's look at the current prospects:

Keepers:  Garrett Wilson, Corey Davis, Allen Lazard and Mecole Hardman.  That is 4.

If they keep Cobb, that makes a total of 5 on the final roster.

The wide receivers who look real good to me:  Jason Brownlee, Xavier Gipson, Malik Taylor.  Alex Erickson looked good in his play last night.

Out of these 4 receivers who looked real good to me, let's say that 2 of these guys are deserving to make the team.  

Do we really keep an aging Cobb, who is definitely on his way down, and cut one of these young guys, who at least one of these cuts can turn out to be another Robbie Anderson, or even better?

If you keep Cobb, then only 1 of these guys will make the team, with 6 as the cap on receivers.  What do you think?

The rules should’ve stay the same I believe where each week you can bring up or protect a PS player. So, really the 7th WR can be maintained that way as well as for stretches in the season anyone of the top 6 WRs miss time due to injuries.

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13 hours ago, #27TheDominator said:

Didn't mean washed up so much as maxed out.  Meanwhile 26, 27 and 30 year old guys they never heard of have "potential."

He isn't maxed out.  Players get pigeon-holed by coaches in the NFL all the time.  For the first several years that Hardman was in KC, they had Hill and Kelce.  They didn't need Hardman to run those routes.  They decided to use him as a gadget player, deep threat, and return man.  He was never given a chance to develop any further and expand his role. He is very talented.

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