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Camp updates 8/10


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3 minutes ago, slats said:

Sucks. These joint practices are important with the Jets looking to protect Rodgers and others from the actual preseason games. 

Today was the starters actual pre-season game.... Saleh said as much with none of them playing on Saturday

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Inclement weather is a part of football, but this was probably the right call.  Too many players trying to make a name for themselves.  

Some guy in the second string gets a rep with the ones on a blitz, goes hard, can't stop or slides into a first string guy knee or something.

I get it's football and rain is a factor but no need to ask for a catastrophe.

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31 minutes ago, Jetpain said:

Great to get some work in against the Panthers yesterday  but really makes you think it was a wasted trip losing the second joint practice as they lose so much time they could have had at their own facility for just 1 joint practice.  

They are still practicing just not with Panthers? Why is it wasted?

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